Phil Cotter 12072012BIIA’s contributing Editor and Board Member Phil Cotter provides his latest assessment of major marketing information services suppliers.   

Linking what one knows about customers in the real world to how they behave online and using predictive analytics to execute marketing strategies in real time is where the money appears to be.  But in this environment one begins to come head to head with Google and Facebook and the companies that exist in the ecosystem built around them, all trying to do the same thing.

Finally let’s not forget that much of what we take for granted today in the marketing services sector, regarding the use of data and analytics, will be significantly affected by a global trend towards greater rights of privacy for consumers, permission based marketing and greater regulatory focus on the data companies hold and what they do with it.  All of these factors make this a sector not for the faint hearted as the challenge of balancing consumer privacy and predictive insights becomes even greater.

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