Up, up, up and away:  Creditsafe and LifeLock continue to make the grade with double digit growth rates.  Credit rating and analytical services followed. 

003 Earnings Reports Q2 2014Credit Ratings: Following the financial crisis many critics had written off the rating agencies.  Regulators and competition would see to it that flesh was taken out of their hides.  Obviously the latest results from the credit rating segment reflect an entirely different story.   It never happened and the three largest rating agencies are as resilient as ever.

Credit Information growth continued its retreat towards lower single digit rates.

Marketing Services:  There was not much to write home about this segment.  Minus growth or flat results continue to be the norm, with the exception of the market leader D&B.  Outsell’s Chuck Richard wrote in the latest 2014 Market Size, Share, Forecast, and Trend Report for B2B Trade & Business Information & Company Information (see page 5 BIIA Newsletter September I – 2014 Issue): “D&B is the market leader and is not resting on its laurels. D&B is examining all aspects of the marketing and sales workflows and data inputs it could provide, including dynamic and social data, not just its legacy static profile data.”

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