Most of the publicly listed information company results have been published and here is BIIA’s summary of Q4 2018 growth rates.  Companies which are making acquisitions show the highest growth rates:  LiveRamp, Cerved, TransUnion and Verisk Analytics. 

TransUnion has become one of the most acquisitive credit bureaus having made 9 acquisitions in the past two years resulting in double digit revenue growth for every quarter in 2018. Noteworthy are its acquisitions of iovation (identity and fraud management) and Callcredit.  Verisk Analytics made 8 acquisitions in the past two years concentrating on data and analytical solutions in niche markets to boost insights of every conceivable risk sector. D&B has been taken private and no longer discloses company results.

Creditsafe and FICO continue to produce double digit growth rates while rating agencies are pummeled by a sharp decline in new bond issues reversing the growth trend of previous quarters.  Notwithstanding the decline in rating revenues, all rating agencies analytical services continue to produce mid to high single digit growth rates.

Source: Company Earnings Releases