This is a brief comparison of revenue growth of major credit information companies in the third quarter of 2017.

The winner on growth was GBGroup UK (identity experts) who reported 18% organic growth and 40% including the effects of the PCA Predict acquisition.  TransUnion grew by 14%.

Equifax domestic revenue growth was impacted by the effects of the data breach but not as much as analysts had predicted.  US Information Solutions were down 3%.  The company’s international units grew by 12% and the Workforce Solutions business grew by 9%.

Experian reported total growth of 5% (organic growth 4%).  Its B2B business unit reported 7% growth. The company stated that investments in innovation were driving growth.  Strong client reception for new product introductions such as Experian Ascend, Text For Credit, PowerCurve Collections, CrossCore, with many more initiatives in development.  Additional investments made in new sources of data and analytics, such as income and asset verification, mobile phone and low income lending data.

In comparison to Experian’s B2B growth of 7%, D&B’s B2B Risk Management Solutions growth was flat.  D&B’s overall growth of 4% was entirely due to growth of its Sales and Marketing Solutions.

Moody’s reported record double digit growth while S&P growth returned to single digit growth.

Source: Q3 2017 Earnings Reports