Next-generation analytic learning finds critical insights in an ocean of false clues. 

Two trends challenging business thinking today – Big Data and customer centricity – seem, at first, to be antithetical.  Driving decision from more and more data raises the specter of dehumanizing business interactions.  But the real value of Big Data for business is the opportunity to learn about our customers at such depth and speed that we can truly put them at center stage.

How is the customer likely respond to this action?  What new needs can we anticipate?  What does this changing behavior mean? –aren’t just there to be scooped up from Big Data.  It’s awash with noise, distractions, redundancies and useless correlations.  How do we plunge our nets among these false clues and come up with the accurate, reliable high – ROI insights we need to makr our business customer-centric?

This White Paper discusses the next-generation of analytic learning.  To access this White Paper click on the link: 67_Big_Data_Customer_Centricity_2974WP

Courtesy:  FICO