“When will the Covid-19 Pandemic end?” is probably one of the most frequently asked question today.

For our members and our association it is a highly relevant question as we all long to return to physical meeting.  We found this article from very insightful and recommend it for your weekend reading.

Dread, fatigue, déjà vu: the recently identified variant of concern, Omicron, certainly elicited some unpleasant feelings nearly two years into the COVID-19 crisis. While its emergence is rewriting the timetable for stamping out the pandemic, the endpoint remains the same: the world needs to adjust to managing COVID-19 as an endemic disease. Get up to speed on what could lie ahead with an in-depth look at how Omicron affects a range of scenarios based on infectiousness, immune evasion, and disease severity. New therapeutics, booster doses of vaccines, and public-health measures are also covered.

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Source: McKinsey