bsg_logosBIIA co-founder member recently issued a report the Top 30 online B2B businesses in Asia.  This report provides a ranking, based on website traffic, of the Top 30 online B2B businesses in Asia. The companies broadly fall into two categories, online sourcing platforms and online trade publications. In addition to ranking the companies, this report also includes profiles of companies new to BSG’s Top 30. If a company has been profiled in a previous edition of this report and if the details of the company profile have not changed, then the profile is not included in this edition of the report.

  • Of the 30 businesses in BSG’s B2B Online Media ranking, 19 are primarily finished goods sourcing platforms or online trade directories (e.g. and Global Sources). There are an additional seven websites that are vertical industry websites. Three of the 30 are technology-focused trade publications and there is one general business title in the Top 30, Beijing-based, Caijing.
  • com holds the number one position, while (#2) remained in second. The top 10 businesses remained unchanged with only two businesses dropping position. dropped four positions to seventh and dropped two spots to rank tenth.
  • There are seven sourcing websites, two technology-focused and a general business site in the Top Ten. The Chinese technology industry portal, (#3) and (#5), a Japanese tech portal, are the only two IT and Internet focused websites in the Top Ten. While, (#2) is the only general business title site in the Top Ten.

According to a variety of sources, as of 31st December 2013, there were an estimated 1.27 billion Internet users in Asia. Close to half of Asian Internet users live in China (621 million). BSG’s Top 30 ranking of Asian B2B websites is based on data from BSG continues to believe that this is the least bad method on which to base the rankings. is a subsidiary of and it utilises a Google-style toolbar downloaded onto millions of desktops to calculate traffic based on reach (number of users).

This report also identifies the key revenue generating activities of the ranked companies. All currency references are in U.S. Dollars unless otherwise indicated. Currency conversions have been made using the exchange rates at the time of editing the final edition of this report.

The full report can be ordered directly from the Business Strategies Group, Hong Kong.  Click on this link.