iStock_000009165208SmallMany B2B companies with limited resources are struggling to meet growth demands. They are all asking themselves the same question: what marketing activities should we prioritize when we have neither the time nor the finances to do everything?

Vendemore (a Bisnode company) has identified a successful marketing mix to provide warm leads for B2B market­ers within the IT-industry companies that have a complex sales process.

Vendemore calls it the Beehive Effect:  What successful companies do to focus on warmer leads is to use digital channels to “swarm around their potential clients like bees”. These marketers are good at creating a buzz and starting a conversation with as many people as they possibly can early in the process. They are not afraid of “going around” a contact, sending invites on LinkedIn to the whole management and asking for more people to attend meetings. They swarm around the company with appropriate channels from the lead generation phase throughout the whole sales process to a done deal.

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vendemore_logo1About:  Vendemore provides targeted digital advertising to complex selling B2B companies to increase the sales pipeline, lower percentage of lost sales and to increase revenue from existing clients. The concept is called Pipeline Marketing.  Vendemore is a subsidiary of Bisnode AB. Bisnode helps companies maximize sales, minimize business risks and make better business decisions in 17 countries.     Source: