The City of London Corporation is installing a dense and comprehensive WiFi internet network throughout London’s Square Mile.  The new project will reinforce its status as being a technologically advanced World financial and business centre.  WiFi network project is almost completed and is installed in existing street furniture including lamp posts and street signs, allowing City workers and visitors with WiFi-enabled devices to access the internet on streets and in open spaces.

 The City of London has contracted with ‘The Cloud’ to install the system in the Square Mile. The Cloud’s unique open network concept means any service provider can use this new WiFi network to provide services to customers. Supported applications include high speed internet access, rich email access, music, video and other entertainment services, and voice over WiFi services.

 This is a ‘cool’ concept, a reprieve for Internet and mobile electronic devises addicts, who are fed-up with having to run to hot spots or fixed wire connections, while doing business in an important place such as London.  Corporate users are turning to WiFi for a range of services including converged voice services.  Source: City of London Corporation:  The Cloud:

BIIA Newsletter January – 2007 Issue