Fluence Automation and Window Book technology improves identity verification, mitigates fraud.

TruNarrative, a leading RegTech platform in the financial crime and compliance sector, has announced a strategic partnership with Window Book and Fluence Automation to bring their address matching technology to TruNarrative’s platform.

TrueAddress’s technology utilizes artificial intelligence and historical address data for matching, formatting, data hygiene and fraud prevention. The CASS certified™ real-time address matching solution ensures data quality and delivers valuable insight for informed fraud and onboarding decisions.

“Delivering our technology to TruNarrative’s US customers means we can continue to expand the sectors we work in and provide TruNarrative with a robust address data quality and verification solution. The technology TruNarrative has developed over the last few years is amazing. Bringing our address matching solutions into the platform is a great partnership for us,” said Steve Lopez, COO, Window Book

Mike Swift, President and CEO, Fluence Automation commented “Our underlying address matching technology which was traditionally utilized for address matching in postal applications has now entered the financial crime and compliance sector in this partnership, thus taking our core solution into an exciting new market. We look forward to working with their customers and industry partners.”

More than 500 businesses across the United States use TrueAddress, including e-commerce merchants and mail distribution centers. Integrated through a seamless API and available in the TruNarrative Appstore, TrueAddress joins a full suite of AML, KYC, KYB, device and utility data services from TruNarrative’s trusted third-party service and data partners.

Regulated businesses in the USA and EU use TruNarrative to make efficient decisions with the most relevant data available, whether for customer acquisition and onboarding, account monitoring and decisioning, or risk mitigation. This includes e-commerce companies, banks, lenders and betting organizations.

“TrueAddress’s reputation spans more than two decades and address data quality is now more important than ever. Integrating the solution into our platform enables financial institutions and other regulated businesses to access a trusted address hygiene engine and extensive address verification data,” said Andy Pearson, Head of Data Partnerships, TruNarrative

“We and the firms we work with consider address verification and standardization an important part of an effective onboarding strategy. Poor address hygiene and standardization cause enormous problems for organizations. This partnership delivers an established reliable address solution to our customers,” said John Lord, CEO, TruNarrative

About Fluence Automation

Fluence Automation is an innovative technology solutions company that builds and markets mail and parcel sorting systems and owns a portfolio of mail and parcel labeling technologies that increasingly is being adapted for the e-commerce fulfillment market. Fluence provides long-term support and customer care though its robust suite of software focused on vision and recognition and sorting applications, and a service support network that is based primarily in the US, with operating subsidiaries in the UK and Germany.

About Window Book

Window Book has been helping clients improve their mailing and shipping operations to increase profits and reduce costs for over three decades. The company continues to develop solutions which further automate mailing and shipping operations at every stage, including address hygiene, editing and processing Mail.dat® files, automated submissions to PostalOne!®, automated statement retrieval and storage, automated Mailer Scorecard monitoring and analysis, and optimized intelligent logistics, including direct connectivity with logistics providers.

Source: TruNarrative Press Release