Wolters Kluwer Financial Services the launch of its ComplianceOne manager solution.  The Software as a Service (SaaS) business process management tool complements ComplianceOne, the company’s loan and deposit origination solution that more than 1,600 banks and credit unions utilize.  The new standalone tool can be seamlessly used in conjunction with ComplianceOne, ARTA Lending or other loan origination solutions in the market.

ComplianceOne manager’s business process management capabilities offer financial institutions’ executives and senior managers greater insight and better control over their overall lending businesses. Using the solution, they can monitor loan portfolios in real-time, while overseeing process and potential performance issues as well as operational risks, and then take action before problems develop. The solution helps ensure origination policies and procedures are followed, allowing staff to identify exceptions to each, and putting the controls in place to help ensure front-line staff is in compliance.

Source:  finance.yahoo.com