BIIA member Outsell Inc. has published its latest report: “Workflow: Information’s New Field of Dreams? Version 2.0”, which is part of its Outsell CEO Topics.   The author of this report is David Worlock, Co-Chair, of Outsell’s Leadership Programs and a director of BIIA. 

We are now entering a third internet decade – perhaps to be called the Age of Devices. The proliferation of networked mobile devices will have a marked effect on the workflow of everyone reading this document, and upon everyone who creates content to be used at work. The web, invaluable in the age of information retrieval, may be less important in the workflow years. This CEO Topics report is now two years old, and the pace of change has quickened. Many more models of workflow solutions are now in practice, and some of the issues around them have been clarified. In March 2009, we were looking at a trend: in April 2011 we are looking at the new market base for B2B, professional, and scientific content. Version 2.0 of this report is intended to provoke discussion and analysis, and contains updated content for these topics:

–       Analysis of features and implications of current successful workflow solutions;

–       Examples of companies and products that are doing well in this field at this early stage;

–       Risks and opportunities for the content industry, based on Outsell’s value model for information services and solutions;

–       Models for workflow analysis;

–       Forecast timeline for workflow solution evolution and adoption through 2030;

–       Essential actions for information providers and publishers.

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