The World Bank Group has released a Policy Note on “COVID 19 Emergency Policy Responses: Why credit reporting matters in the stabilization and recovery phases?”.

The Policy Note demonstrates the role of credit reporting during the stabilization and recovery phases of the crisis and the interplay between prudential measures and credit reporting systems. The note concludes by triaging the credit reporting recommendations across the phases.

The Policy Note covers the following topics:

  • Implications of COVID 19 on borrowers and credit reporting systems
  • Financial Sector Policy Responses to COVID 19
  • Role of Credit Reporting in Supporting Financial Sector Policy Responses for the Pandemic
  • Credit Reporting Intervention

The note also includes an Annex on the “Interplay Between Prudential Measures and Credit Reporting,” which members may find useful. This note complements the Policy Recommendations issued by the International Committee on Credit Reporting (ICCR) in April 2020.

Source:  World Bank Group   Download the policy document by clicking here