The World Economic Forum may have a solution to blockchain governance, one that could boost usability and access.

In its latest paper, titled “Realizing the Potential of Blockchain”, the organization proposes a framework to distribute “stewardship” of the technology, tasking stakeholders with ensuring that development benefits a broad base.

This could be established, the paper argues, through a global, distributed network of interlocking ecosystems: one covering platforms, another focusing on applications and a third providing an overall regulatory structure.  The report, which has already attracted interest from key players in the blockchain space, also touches on the risks of not establishing adequate governance, from the emergence of security threats to the spectre of centralization.

If the proposed system ends up being implemented effectively, it could perhaps be applied to other “key” technologies, present and future – and in turn, lead to a more balanced technological evolution worldwide.

The report was submitted by the non-profit Blockchain Research Institute, founded by Don and Alex Tapscott, with feedback provided by the recently launched World Economic Forum Global Future Council on the Future of Blockchain.