Worldbox in AfricaThe Business Intelligence provider Worldbox launches an API offering over 200 data fields across seven million emerging market companies. It facilitates the integration of its company data within third-party software, bespoke applications and mobile apps via XML feeds, with the information content available in English, French, German or Italian languages.

The firm’s searchable database covers a wide range of accurate company information, including group structures, ownership and linked relationships as well as company reports, credit information, financial data and legal documents.

Comprehensive coverage of all emerging market regions is provided via a network of partners across Africa, the Middle East, the Americas and Asia. Here, Worldbox’s partnership with AsiaGate collectively provides its customers with 13 million business records, from China to Vietnam; all available through the API.

Worldbox 300Using the API, data can be sourced from the Worldbox network before being used for standalone reports, imported into enterprise software such as SAP, or merged with a company’s own internal database.

Source: Worldbox Press Release