worldboxBIIA member Worldbox Business Intelligence has released an extensive subscription database profiling Switzerland and Liechtenstein’s financial institutions, including public and private banks.  

Edward Sornio, the company’s General Manager, says the database is an invaluable resource for anyone working in finance and capital.  “Swiss banks and their internal workings have long been shrouded by secrecy, but our resource offers all available information on them, on one disc,” he says.  Switzerland’s private banks date back more than 200 years.  Its wealth management industry is worth $2 trillion and encompasses nearly one third of global offshore wealth.

Standard financial records available on Worldbox’s database include: Turnover, EBIT, Results, Capital, Equity, Balance Sheets, Employee Costs, Depreciation, Cash-Flow and Investments.   An Extended version of the CD-ROM includes additional financial details on Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet as well as Supplementary Information in PDF format (click here to download a sample).  Names and contact details are also provided for each company’s staff, from their Owners and Board of Directors through to Managers.

The detailed financial data exported in structured format is also available for one’s own analysis, prices are available on request.

Source:  Worldbox Business Intelligence