Gartner Business Intelligence & Information Management Summit 2014
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Make your business model more transparent, decisive and personalized at the Gartner Business Intelligence & Information Management Summit. Examine how the latest business intelligence and analytics enables innovations. Change the way you do business.

> Transparent: Whether monetizing analytical data services or simply providing analytical information, customer facing analytics will become a key part of your business model. The resulting transparency will make it difficult to hide poor performers within any industry.
> Decisive: Leading organizations are now maturing to focus their Business Analytics strategy directly on creating a more empirical and sound decision making process. Business Analytics is changing from decision support to supporting everything.
> Personalized: We live in a world where we expect recommendations to be made with mathematical precision thanks to analytical systems of measurement and classification. Consider a world where analytical systems are used to personalize every customer experience across all industries. That is coming soon!

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A: Organizational Trends and Strategy B: Information Innovation
C: Emerging Analytical Styles D: Enabling Technology Infrastructure
Learn how to

> Understand the long-range impact of trends to help with value creation
> Identify new skills, organizational structures and roles essential to making analytics work
> Give you the confidence and insight to deliver significant growth

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