At times, two heads are better than one. This is exactly what Wunderman, the direct marketing specialist branch of Rediffusion Y&R, has discovered. The agency has been split into two distinct entities with very different mandates. Rediffusion – Wunderman (formerly known as Wunderman India), headed by Leroy Alvares, will focus on homegrown Indian clientele.  Wunderman International, with Aditya Atri at helm, will work on large scale global clients exclusively.  Speaking to ET, Daniel Morel, chairman and CEO of Wunderman, said this arrangement has been operational for close to two years. The agency forbore from making a formal announcement until it was absolutely certain that the two-pronged approach was working for its clients.

According to Mr. Morel, “Clients have a really different outlook on the way to do business. And it’s easier, given the scarcity of talent in the Indian market, to have a separate set of people devoted to one way of doing business and another devoted to a different way.”  He argues that large clients, particularly Nokia, Microsoft and Ford, have a global footprint and require people working in tandem around the clock. Whereas for local businesses, agencies tend to rely on teams that are more attuned to cultural nuances and have a quick turn-around time. 

Both agencies currently have around a 100 people each. India is not the only market where Wunderman has such an operation running. The set up was pioneered in Japan and a similar arrangement exists in China as well.  Source: Economic Times

BIIA Newsletter April II – 2010 Issue