SHANGHAI, June 24, 2010 – Xinhua Finance Group has formed partnerships with the Technology Association of the Beijing Science & Technology Service Center, an organization under the China Association for Promotion of Non-Governmental Science-Technology Enterprises (“CANS”), and the Tianjin Venture Capital Association (“TJVC”) to promote closer cooperation between Chinese and Japanese Small and Medium Enterprises (“SMEs”).

Under the terms of the partnership, XFL will foster closer cooperation between Chinese and Japanese SMEs through two channels. One channel will focus on promoting Japanese SME involvement in China, while the other channel will help facilitate cooperation between Chinese and Japanese SMEs in the areas of manufacturing, technology transfer, mergers & acquisition, human resources, marketing and investment. These two new partnerships will add a new breadth and depth to the Company’s business advisory services, which provides business solutions and consulting to institutions and enterprises.

CANS is a national-level association under the guidance and management of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China. It is dedicated to promoting the development of SMEs in science and technology related industries in China. The TJVC is a non-profit organization and its members are comprised of prominent individuals from the venture capital and business communities in Tianjin. It is under the management and guidance of the Tianjin Science and Technology Committee.   Source:  Xinhua Finance

BIIA Newsletter Sept. I – 2010 Issue