ZoomInfo Acquires RingLead, a Data Orchestration Leader, to Help Companies Combine, Cleanse, and Route Disparate Data Sources to Power Go-to-Market Activation

Enables Companies to Eliminate Customer Data Inconsistencies and Take Immediate Action to Convert Leads into Revenue

ZoomInfo (NASDAQ: ZI), a global leader in modern go-to-market software, data, and intelligence, announced it has acquired RingLead, an industry leader in data orchestration and revenue operations automation. ZoomInfo and RingLead will enable companies to streamline and execute data-driven go-to-market motions at scale based on high-quality, actionable data. 

RingLead is a comprehensive data quality management tool that automates sales, marketing, and revenue operations throughout the entire customer lifecycle. Companies that subscribe to RingLead’s software-as-a-service benefit from a user-friendly, intuitive, and codeless interface that enables them to acquire and merge data from multiple third-party providers in order to enrich and standardize prospect and customer data assets. It enables companies to manage incomplete, inaccurate and inconsistent customer data that is siloed in disconnected systems to enable real-time, automated and accurate lead routing.

High-quality data is foundational to the success of sales and marketing teams, but data enters customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation systems from many different sources and with varying degrees of quality. Data orchestration is a method of compiling siloed data—along with other inconsistencies like duplicates, empty fields, inconsistent formatting, and unassignable records—and organizing it so that revenue teams can implement it. Data decay further undermines sales and marketing teams, who depend on multiple data sources to target, prioritize, and engage with buyers.

RingLead resolves these pain points by transforming raw, fragmented, and inaccurate data into valuable intelligence that can be used to build targeted audiences, trigger workflows, drive business decisions, and accelerate revenue growth. Through an end-to-end platform, RingLead ingests, cleans, enhances, segments, scores, and routes companies’ data, then provides a flexible, customizable, and rules-driven approach to integrating this data into companies’ systems of record.

The acquisition of RingLead tightens the connection between the intelligence layer and engagement layer within the ZoomInfo platform, empowering customers to seamlessly manage their data across systems and revenue teams. This allows them to convert additional leads into revenue more efficiently.

“A clean and unified view of the customer is absolutely critical for go-to-market teams—often the difference between winning and losing a sale,” said Henry Schuck, ZoomInfo Founder and CEO. “The acquisition of RingLead allows our customers to marry ZoomInfo intelligence with other data sources to create a unified view of their customers and shorten the path from data to engagement. These are prerequisites for effective, data-driven automation. RingLead helps us take the next step in continuing to build a comprehensive, modern go-to-market platform where data and insights drive intelligent and automated orchestration.”

For over a decade, RingLead has delivered best-in-class data quality management and orchestration software, earning recognition in 10 consecutive G2 Grid Reports and maintaining leadership status in core categories like Data Quality and Lead-to-Account Matching.

“The combination of ZoomInfo and RingLead has been a critical component of our demand generation activities,” said Mark Dudek, Director of Marketing Operations & Analytics at DataRobot. “These tools together have helped us solve for data gaps while allowing us to deliver leads to our sales development team quickly. RingLead’s robust data orchestration capabilities have allowed us to maximize the value of ZoomInfo and reduce the dependency on engineering resources to support complex lead routing, lead modeling and account management initiatives.”

“Since day one, RingLead has remained focused on delivering innovative and integrated data orchestration software that supports high-growth businesses as they go to market in an increasingly competitive and digitized landscape,” said RingLead Chief Operating Officer Colby Greene, who will join ZoomInfo as Director, Pre-Sales. “We are thrilled to join ZoomInfo, an innovator that shares our vision and passion for building out an end-to-end go-to-market platform.”

For more information on how RingLead will help ZoomInfo’s customers combine, cleanse, and route data to drive go-to-market activation, please visit ZoomInfo’s RingLead landing page.

Read Henry Schuck’s blog post to learn more about the RingLead acquisition.

Financial terms were not disclosed. The acquisition is not expected to have a material impact on the full year 2021 financial results for ZoomInfo.

About RingLead
RingLead is an industry-leading data orchestration provider with over a decade of experience in solving the dirty data problems of enterprises, Fortune 500 companies, and small businesses around the globe. RingLead’s complete, end-to-end data quality platform integrates with leading CRMs and MAPs like Salesforce and Marketo to empower businesses to clean, protect, and enhance company and contact information in a series of seamless, fully automated processes.

Source:  Zoominform