New AI-powered tools, including Workflows, enable greater data accessibility and enhanced performance to spur faster and smarter GTM campaigns

ZoomInfo, the global leader in go-to-market (GTM) intelligence solutions, announced a new, more robust, strategic initiative around Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning within its platform in order to enhance sales and marketing efficiency and performance at scale.

“ZoomInfo provides the most accurate and complete view of contact and company data available in the market today,” said Henry Schuck, Founder and CEO of ZoomInfo. “We continue to innovate to find easier ways for customers to harness our data and make it actionable. With our new AI ICP product, our customers can now easily compare the market intelligence in ZoomInfo with their customer database to identify ideal prospects faster and more effectively than ever before.”

With AI entering a phase of enterprise practicality – ZoomInfo recognized a unique opportunity to provide even more value for all its customers. This new AI initiative reflects two important ZoomInfo tenets of productivity and accessibility. In terms of productivity, marketing and sales teams are already leveraging the ZoomInfo platform daily and now, with AI, the more they use it the more the platform learns, automatically delivering enhanced, actionable intelligence tailored to their specific needs. AI and machine learning technologies are expensive to build or buy, and often complicated to learn and utilize fully. Now ZoomInfo is making AI-powered GTM intelligence accessible and easy to use for all GTM teams – not just the enterprise, not just for IT, and not just for big budgets.

A foundational element of the new toolset is AI-Generated Ideal Customer Profiles (ICP) that integrate the latest AI technology into the popular current ICP tool, automatically identifying and providing insights on what accounts are more likely to close based on existing customer traits. Leveraging 15,000 company data points, every company can create a truly unique ICP for their business. They can choose from standard attributes like company size or location or more unique identifiers like whether a company provides a mobile app or hired a new CFO in the last 6 months. ZoomInfo gathers every bit of intelligence they can to provide a complete, 360 view of each contact and company for its customers. And, when you add AI technology to the equation, ICPs created in ZoomInfo can enhance both productivity and performance by automating prospecting and eliminating guesswork.

Also available as part of today’s release are enhanced versions of Workflows and InboxAI, two current ZoomInfo tools overhauled with AI integration. Workflows increases customer productivity by identifying and targeting companies and contacts within a customer’s preselected ICP. With the addition of AI, Workflows users will now be able to automatically trigger actions based on real-time data updates within the platform. InboxAI, a result of the ZoomInfo’s recent acquisition of Komiko, is a sales communication tool within a user’s email inbox that syncs email directly to the company’s CRM tool, allowing for greater, 360-degree visibility and insights into internal and external interactions across opportunities and accounts. InboxAI allows sales and marketing teams to do what they do best instead of wasting time inputting countless data points into their CRM platform. Further, the AI technology is able to deliver insights on engagement and offer lead scores based on actions taken by a prospect or customer in a given timeframe, further enhancing GTM intelligence.