Customized Engagements Help Businesses Grow via the ZoomInfo Platform

ZoomInfo (NASDAQ: ZI), a global leader in go-to-market intelligence solutions, has announced a new ZoomInfo Partner Program to help companies supercharge their go-to-market motions. The program lets partners build custom engagements with the ZoomInfo platform to help them generate new revenue and grow their businesses. The ZoomInfo Partner Program can be tailored to meet the needs of partners’ different business models, creating flexibility as companies evolve. 

Companies can choose to be either Solution or Technology Partners. Solution Partners help other businesses increase their network by connecting them with other customers, industry influencers, integrators, sales and marketing consultants, and other organizations. Technology Partners enable seamless integrations to the ZoomInfo platform that bring efficiency, convenience, and increased revenue to customers, allowing them to operate from one system of record instead of using disparate tools.

“Every business relies on systems and data to drive their efficiencies and outcomes,” said Chris Hays, ZoomInfo’s Chief Operating Officer. “The ZoomInfo Partner Program allows customer engagements with our partners to deliver enhanced and unified experiences that help our customers and partners grow. Simply put, we’re giving them another tool to help them go to market more efficiently and effectively.”

Once approved for the program, partners will be assigned a dedicated Channel Account Manager to help create a joint go-to-market plan and ensure partners maximize the benefits of their ZoomInfo partnership. Channel Account Managers will also drive the certification process and coordination of marketing and sales activities to certify that partners leverage the ZoomInfo ecosystem to its fullest extent.

“Partnering with ZoomInfo has helped us see tremendous success, empowering our customers to integrate their preferred data sources into their revenue operations workflows,” said Jamie Muirhead, RingLead’s Senior Vice President of Sales. “With the acquisition of EverString, ZoomInfo is leveraging our multi-vendor data enrichment strategy to go to market with a combined dataset. By partnering, RingLead and ZoomInfo are seeing increased win rates and close velocity.”

The new partner program operates across four tiers organized by required certifications and revenue expectations. For more information, including the application process, please visit the ZoomInfo Partner Program page.

Source:  Zoominfo Press Release