ZoomInfo Labs Team Works with Business Leaders to Design Custom Strategies Within RevOS Platform

ZoomInfo (NASDAQ: ZI), a global leader in modern go-to-market software, data, and intelligence, today announced the launch of ZoomInfo Labs, a dedicated team within ZoomInfo that collaborates with business leaders to create customized, innovative solutions designed to increase revenue by taking advantage of the countless tools within ZoomInfo’s RevOS platform.

The ZoomInfo Labs team will work with businesses to rethink their data strategy to understand what works, ensuring that targeted messaging is effective. They’ll unlock previously unexplored data-driven motions centered around a business’s ideal customer profile by incorporating data signals, enrichment, and technographics to improve efficiency. The team at ZoomInfo Labs will help to ensure that customers are making the most out of the powerhouse solutions within RevOS, which delivers the data, insights, software, and integrations needed by revenue professionals to achieve their growth potential.

“We want our customers to leverage the best plays ZoomInfo has to offer, as well as the plays that best fit their market,” said ZoomInfo Founder and CEO Henry Schuck. “With ZoomInfo Labs, we’re working with business leaders one-on-one to craft innovative, modernized solutions that maximize revenue opportunities. Every business is unique, and ZoomInfo Labs is designed to specially cater to that.”

ZoomInfo Labs is led by Ben Salzman, Senior Vice President of Special Projects, who joins ZoomInfo from its acquisition of Dogpatch Advisors. 

“The highest performing businesses are leveraging data and signals to make informed decisions that guide their go-to-market strategy,” said Salzman. “We’re designing the revenue playbook of the future – one that fits the needs of every business – to not only compete at the highest level, but also create a better experience for their customers.”

To learn more, visit the ZoomInfo Labs landing page.

Source:  ZoomInfo Press Release