Partnership Enables Customers to Leverage Insights at Scale with ZoomInfo’s Data-as-a-Service and Google Cloud’s Trusted Cloud Data Warehouse Services

ZoomInfo (NASDAQ: ZI), a global leader in modern go-to-market software, data, and intelligence, has announced a strategic partnership with Google Cloud that will allow customers to easily integrate ZoomInfo’s leading business-to-business data into Google BigQuery.

Through this partnership, customers can expect to see ZoomInfo and Google Cloud converging through product innovations and integrations, beginning with seamless access to ZoomInfo data and intelligence directly within Google BigQuery, which will provide organizations with unparalleled access to ZoomInfo’s modern data capabilities.

“By combining ZoomInfo’s actionable data and insights with Google Cloud, we’re delivering the performance and scale to fit our customers’ go-to-market data needs,” said ZoomInfo Founder and CEO Henry Schuck. “This frictionless integration accelerates our customers’ time-to-revenue and allows them to get more mileage out of their data in Google Cloud. Revenue operations doesn’t get more modern than this.”

“When companies unlock their data advantage it means they have the ability to uncover new insights, build new business models and improve experiences for both employees and customers,” said Sudhir Hasbe, Senior Director of Product Management, Google Cloud. “Our announcement with ZoomInfo today is a perfect example of how we can continue to empower companies to unlock their data advantage by getting even more out of their BigQuery investments to further drive value from their data.”

For example, customer and prospect data comes from a variety of sources, is siloed in various systems, and is often incorrect, incomplete, or outdated. Organizations need modern data capabilities to keep up with ever-changing data needs and maintain a unified picture of their customer. 

By importing ZoomInfo data directly into Google Cloud, data and operations teams will be able to use data in their workflows quickly and easily, saving their sales and marketing teams time, money, and resources. 

For more information, please visit the ZoomInfo + Google Cloud partnership page.

Source:  ZoomInfo Press Release