ZoomInfo Partners with LeanData to Improve Speed and Accuracy of Lead Delivery Through Record Enrichment

Integration to Bolster Breadth of Prospect Data, Improve Lead Delivery Quality and Speed for Joint ZoomInfo and LeanData Customers

ZoomInfo (NASDAQ: ZI), a global leader in go-to-market intelligence solutions, and LeanData, a leader in lead-to-account matching and routing, have announced a partnership and new integration. Marrying the strengths of each of their native Salesforce applications, this partnership delivers a seamless, elegant product experience for their joint customers. Enriching Salesforce records within LeanData’s sophisticated lead-to-account matching and routing flows with ZoomInfo data provides customers with the ability to deliver leads to the right sales representatives with greater accuracy and speed, driving revenue growth.

Sales teams often receive leads containing missing, inaccurate, or incomplete fields, resulting in fewer workable records and lagging time-to-revenue metrics. These shortcomings create frustration, missed service level agreements (SLAs), and squandered sales opportunities.

By integrating ZoomInfo’s best-in-class data into the LeanData platform, joint customers can now take advantage of LeanData’s ability to enrich lead and contact records at any point they choose within their routing flow. Appending record fields in-flow allows customers to quickly and precisely ensure that each lead record is delivered to the right person or system with speed and accuracy. With an increased number of complete records delivered in near real-time, sales professionals can respond to leads with greater context, efficiency, and effectiveness, as well as hit their revenue goals faster.

“With this integration with LeanData, we’re excited to put the power of ZoomInfo into the hands of even more sales teams,” said, ZoomInfo’s Chief Operating Officer. “This partnership gives users yet another advantage in the never-ending battle against prospect intelligence blind spots. ZoomInfo’s and LeanData’s almost 600 joint customers are now better positioned to become more efficient at winning new business and hitting their numbers.”

“We’ve watched ZoomInfo build a long track record of success across the B2B intelligence landscape,” said Evan Liang, CEO of LeanData. “By integrating ZoomInfo into the LeanData platform, we’re able to help our mutual customers get accurate leads into the hands of their sales teams faster, thereby expanding their pipelines to drive more revenue.”

For more information, visit the LeanData-ZoomInfo integration hub.

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Source:  ZoomInfo Press Release