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The lead story this month is about a 270% increase in the issuance of explicit sanctions since 2017.  Refinitiv published this story on November 16, 2022.  Refinitiv’s Global Sanctions Index white paper measures and analyzes rising hyperinflation of autonomously issued sanctions programs.  Its World-Check Risk Intelligence database tracks every explicit sanctions regime since 2017, as well as their increasing volume, complexity and escalating cost of compliance for organizations. As of August 2022, the database includes 52,000 sanctioned persons and entities.

“Our market-leading World-Check Risk Intelligence database has identified startling statistics outlined in the Refinitiv Global Sanctions Index,” said Michael Meadon, director of Customer and Third-Party Risk Solutions – Asia-Pacific and author of the white paper.

Late Breaking News:

  • Refinitiv’s Global Sanctions Index Reports a 270% Increase in Sanctions since 2017
  • Fintechs Heading into ‘Leaner Times’ with Mass Staff Redundancies
  • International Committee on Credit Reporting Announces Appointment of Mr. Jean Pesme as the new Chair
  • The European Union is Preparing to Go Live with its European Digital Identity Wallet in 2024
  • Diligencia and Fynhaus in Strategic Partnership for Africa & the Middle East

Member News:

  • Equifax Workforce Solutions Releases API Integrations with Top HR Technology Providers
  • S&P Global and Nikkei Join Forces in Asian Business Intelligence
  • Data Analysis and Digital Transformation are Keys to Greater Financial Inclusion
  • RAM-CTOS BCI: Business Optimism Moderates in 3Q 2022
  • FiinGroup JSC Announces Change in Ownership
  • FiinResearch Presents Vietnam Consumer Finance Report-1H2022 Review.

Industry News:

  • Ant Group Pivots further towards Hard Tech with new Blockchain Engine
  • Chinese Internet Giants Gear Up for Global E-Commerce Push
  • ThinkData Works Announces Partnership with Dun & Bradstreet
  • Dun & Bradstreet Q3 2022 Revenue Up 6.6%

Economic and Supply Chain News:

  • Global Recession: Yes, or No?
  • Supply Chain Issues: Reshoring or ‘Friend Shoring’
  • The Future of Procurement: Taking the Lead and what is Important

Credit Bureau News:

  • Experian’s Sentinel™ Commercial Entity Fraud Suite Help Lenders and Insurers Prevent Fraud for Businesses of all Sizes
  • TransUnion Affirms Commitment to Learning and Development With The 5% Club
  • TransUnion CIBIL: ECLGS Continues to Catalyze Revival of MSMEs across India
  • Equifax Australia: Mortgage Broker Time Pressure Increases with Interest Rate Rises
  • IFC Digital Data Corridor initiative: Assist Forcible Displaced People from Ukraine to get access to financial services
  • Credit Information Corporation (CIC) Bares Guidelines for Improved Access to Consumers’ Credit Data
  • Credit Information Companies to Appoint Internal Ombudsman by April 1, 2023

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