Dun & Bradstreet Australia has published its quarterly report of Late Payments in Australia and key highlights below. This report provides a summary of how late entities pay for goods and services in Australia after payment is due. Late Payments provides a quarterly report with a breakdown according to sector, size, age and location of entities.

Key highlights:

  • Late payments in Australia have risen to their highest level since Q3 2014
    • The average late payment time for an Australian business is 15.3 days late
    • WA leads the national trend, Mining and Construction outpace the national trend and Transport recorded the biggest increase in late payment times
  • 8% of Australian businesses pay their bills on time, while 9.5% pay in excess of 60 days beyond invoice terms
  • An entrenched late payment culture is at play in the larger companies:
    • Big to small payment times show a clear pattern of larger firms paying smaller firms at a delayed rate
    • Big companies paid other big companies even later
  • There is a solid correlation between late payment times and the failure rate of companies based on the company age

To read the full report click on this link: AU Late Payments 1Q17 final

Source:  D&B Australia