Identity management service LiveRamp, a division of information company Acxiom, has announced it has launched its IdentityLink™ to Australia. IdentityLink™ connects Offline and Digital Channels, Expanding People-based Marketing Techniques throughout the Digital Ecosystem

Empowering Australian marketers with the ability to scale true people-based marketing, LiveRamp®, an Acxiom® company (NASDAQ: ACXM) and leading provider of omnichannel identity resolution, announced the expansion of IdentityLink™, its identity resolution service, to Australia.

IdentityLink enables brands to connect people, data, and devices to construct an omnichannel view of the consumer and serve consumers in a privacy-conscious way. This view can be activated to connect and serve consumers via people-based marketing programs across devices globally in over 50 in-region, and more than 550 international destinations.

People-based marketing allows brands to create more meaningful experiences for consumers, replacing irrelevant content with content that meets a person’s specific interests and preferences. IdentityLink, which informs people-based marketing strategies, allows marketers to engage with consumers at precisely the right moment, and with content and messaging that is relevant to that consumers’ wants and needs, acknowledging where they are in the customer journey. Importantly, IdentityLink ensures marketers are able to harness the power of people-based marketing in an ethical, privacy-conscious way. Further, LiveRamp operates in an Acxiom Safe Haven®-certified environment with technical, operational, and personnel controls designed to ensure the proper and ethical use of data.

As consumers continue to merge their offline and digital lives, the majority of marketers (92 per cent) believe the ability to execute and unify people-based marketing across all digital channels is of significant importance.

Global and local brands can now use LiveRamp to activate offline first- and third-party data across their marketing stack, enabling them to reach consumers with relevant messages and tie online campaigns back to real sales results.