Since 1997, Cedar Rose has specialized in providing business intelligence & credit information covering the Middle East region, employing multi-lingual and highly qualified researchers and analysts. Today we expand our coverage to include most of Africa and Asia.
Holding a database of over 1,000,000 MENA companies, and now covering 120 countries worldwide Cedar Rose supplies various reports to Export Credit Agencies worldwide as well as to globally-known financial institutions, manufacturers and exporters, major information and debt collection agencies.

With access to a wealth of resources, our researchers, analysts and ground agents also conduct specialized investigations such as Due Diligence reporting, Corporate Intelligence reports and Background Screening services serving the Compliance and KYC current requirements, particular for the MENA region.

Cedars rose August 2016Trading in a difficult environment, the company has held to its principles to provide an excellent personal and online service offering correct, verified, comprehensive reports and data; whilst maintaining competitive pricing and fostering strong, long-term customer relationships.

We work closely with our clients to ensure the service we deliver exceeds their expectations.

Credit Reporting
Securing Quality Credit Information is Paramount to an Informed Decision.  In the emerging markets we Cedar Rose CR methods of purchasing and receiving datacover, most companies are not required to file their accounts or make them publicly available. In most countries there are not yet automated data-feeds to keep credit files up-to-date.

To conduct a credit analysis, it helps if you have access to official sources of information (Commercial Registers, Defaulters records, etc) understand the local language, know the local trading laws and company registration requirements. At Cedar Rose, we do.
In addition, we cross-reference information about Groups of companies, Affiliates, Directors and Shareholders to show the whole picture. Of course, if a “Snapshot” is all you need, we offer that too.

Due Diligence
Strengthening the Decision Making Process while Adhering to Compliance & Regulations Requirements

Increasingly, in today’s global business environment, you need to really know who you are dealing with. Whether you are considering a merger, litigation, or even employing a senior executive, you want to feel completely confident that you have made the right decisions.

From copies of company documents, reputational investigations and background screening to investigative due diligence and site visits, Cedar Rose can assist you to obtain the information you need.

We have vast network of contacts, as well as access to local official databases and global media covering Politically Exposed Persons, suspected or convicted criminals, fraudsters, high risk or unsavoury entities and those who may be tarnished by association with them. Stay compliant, mitigate risks and make sound assured decisions with us.

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