Bisnode introduces Bisnode Consumer Intelligence in the Nordic countries, a new product making managing consumer data easier, more secure and less resource intensive.

Marketing and CRM departments often manage large amounts of consumer data requiring aligned and updated information across platforms in order to create seamleass customer experiences and achieve compliance to regulatory frameworks, such as the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Thanks to Bisnode Consumer Intelligence, this task will now become easier, more secure and a lot less resource intensive.

Bisnode Consumer Intelligence eables companies to maintain updated, coherent and accurate data on European Consumers across systems such as web shops, customer registration processes apps and store systems. Bisnode Consumer Intelligence uses a unique identifier, which matches and updates consumer information via tailor made APIs. This benefits companies processing data and enables swift responses to individuals who, in accordance with GDPR, wish to have personal data updated or removed.

“Bisnode Consumer Intelligence is one example of how our solutions add value to customers, in this case by helping them manage customer data in a better way”, says Jon Slorer, CPO at Bisnode.

“We provide our customers with the tools they need to improve conversion rates online, make at-the-counter signups faster, keep their in-house database data quality high and implement GDPR compliance projects faster and at a lower cost.” says Pär Österlund, Director of Marketing Solutions at Bisnode.

Bisnode Consumer Intelligence is now available in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland.

Source: Bisnode Press Release