CRIF merged its German subsidiaries BÜRGEL Wirtschaftsinformationen and CRIF GmbH. The new company will continue its commercial operations under the name CRIFBÜRGEL, registered under CRIF Bürgel GmbH.  With this latest move CRIF is beginning to ramp up its brand recognition in Germany,

At the start of 2016, CRIF Group took over the BÜRGEL Group, thus successfully entering the German credit bureau market. This was followed by the acquisition of Deltavista GmbH in July 2016. The merger of the two companies will have retroactive effect from 1 January 2017.

The merger brings together the competences of CRIF’s German subsidiaries into a single organization. In addition, the merger creates the conditions required to exploit the extensive synergies offered by the two enterprises – particularly in the market servicing, and data and product management segments, and allow further development of the IT platform. The new company CRIFBÜRGEL, headquartered in Munich, will have about 450 employees. Its main locations will remain as Hamburg and Karlsruhe, with direct offices in the main German cities including Munich.

The long-established BÜRGEL brand stands for a comprehensive, integrated service offering extensive information on companies and private individuals. BÜRGEL has particular expertise in the field of company solvency information thanks to its nationwide research activities and market-leading payment experience pool known as Deutscher Debitoren Monitor.

CRIF GmbH, formerly Deltavista (Germany), is a technologically leading credit bureau, specializing in customized solutions in the credit risk management, fraud prevention, and address management segments. The company has particular specialist industry know-how in e-commerce, payment services, and collection management.

“We are bringing the strengths of BÜRGEL and CRIF Germany together under one roof. The result will be a powerful organization which will set new standards in the German credit bureau market. The new CRIFBÜRGEL company will be excellently placed to assist our clients make informed decisions, and consolidate our competitive position in increasingly demanding markets thanks to top data quality, innovative solutions, and technological flexibility,” said Carlo Gherardi, President and CEO of CRIF.

The globally active CRIF group was founded in Bologna in 1988. Today the company has some 3700 employees and 58 subsidiaries located in 27 countries on four continents. The company is included in the prestigious FinTech ranking, which rates leading international providers of technology solutions for the financial services industry.

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