In a deal to kick off the New Year, The 451 Group announced the acquisition of Yankee Group in a move that combines two private technology research firms.

The technology research segment is made up these days of the Big Three (Gartner, IDC, and Forrester), followed by a few up and coming firms including The 451 Group and a large number of smaller firms.

Technology research can trace its roots back 50 years and Yankee Group was among those first, early firms. Today’s Yankee Group is quite different from the communications analyst firm many have known from years past.

Yankee Group, and its leader Terry Waters, will continue on at The 451 Group as a separate operating division in a move similar to other 451 Group acquisitions. 451 has proven adept at acquiring and operating different divisions and not trying to integrate everything.

With this move, 451 Group steps up in size and revenue, advancing into the next tier among technology research firms behind the Big Three. It also gains a presence in the mobile communications market where it was not yet a player. 451 Group has shown the ability to acquire other firms and maintain them as separate entities rather than try to integrate operations which can sometimes divert attention and focus away from growing the business.

Source:  Harry Henry, VP & Data Solutions, Outsell Inc.

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