The chart below shows the growth of a variety of Asian nations and several things stand out. The first and perhaps most important is that growth for the whole region has slowed over the last three years. This is interesting as it has taken place at the same time that growth in the US and some of the European nations has improved. Given that most of these Asian states rely extensively on exporting to nations like the US there is deepening concern that trends are not turning in their favor.

They are seeing more and more competition from South America and Africa and there have been efforts underway to reduce the amount of importing the US does. One factor that may well favor these states in the not-so-distant future is that the US will have to seek alternative sources for the goods that have been purchased from China in the past. The largest beneficiary of that shift will be India but several of these nations will see additional business coming their way.

Source:  Armada Corporate Intelligence

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