BIIA member Rubix Data Sciences Pvt. Ltd. is pleased to share important Business Leadership Lessons for the #NewNormal world created by the pandemic.  Their latest whitepaper in this subject covers the following topics:

  • The employment scenario during the pandemic
    • How do you see the employment scenario playing out over a one-year period? What is happening at the macro level and where do you see the employment scenario in the future? Job losses are widespread, but hiring is also continuing albeit at a lower level than before. Traditional growth-based hiring and middle management hiring will decline but the demand for leadership will remain strong
  • What Companies are looking for in Business Leaders today
    • Hiring CXOs and senior leaders requires several rounds of in-person interviews which may not be possible due to travel restrictions resulting from the pandemic. What are some of the tools available to companies to mitigate this problem and continue hiring during this period?
  • How team members can add value to their Employers during this difficult time
    • What can employees do to be more relevant and add value to their companies during this period? Listening, learning and adapting are three critical traits to have and demonstrate during this time.
  • How Companies can handle lay-offs sensitively
    • How should CHROs and companies handle downsizing and job losses in a sensitive way so as to protect their employer branding in the long term?
  • What employees can do if they are laid-off due to the pandemic 
    • It is a tough issue and depends on age and skill level.
  • Is this a good time to hire senior Talent? 
    • It is probably the best time to add really good calibre talent at compensation levels that are not completely up there. We’re riding through a rough patch but the decisions that you take now impact what your business will look like when the rough patch is over
  • How to Innovate in this situation?  
    • Innovation is happening at gunpoint during the current crisis with timelines being drastically crunched. Innovations that companies used to plan and execute in 18 months are now happening in 18 days!
  • Challenges facing CEOs and CXOs 
    • It really depends on where you are in terms of business, but the immediate goal is short term survival and most CEOs have focused on that.
    • Some CEOs have set up two teams: One team deals with the issues that they are currently facing and the day-to-day issues that need to be tackled immediately. A second, separate team is focused on looking at the medium to long-term issues; it looks at what the business needs to do to come out of the current crisis stronger, beer and leaner.
    • Creating two separate teams seems to be a good approach because both the short-term and the medium/ long-term issues get tackled. It allows for all the issues to come to the CEO’s desk and then she / he can decide what needs to be prioritized. This seems like a good way to tackle the crisis because you can’t focus on only the short-term or on the long-term; if you have the same team looking at both, there is likely to be confusion which results in sub-optimal outcomes.
  • Recalibrated HR processes including WorkFromHome
    • We are all in the same storm, but we are in very different boats
    • Lots of CEOs and CXOs are saying that they can’t wait to go back to the office because working from home is far harder than anticipated!!
    • There will eventually be a hybrid model of work-from-home and work- in-office. In fact, rather than just work-from-home, this model will be work-from-anywhere, but there will be many more protocols and measures around it.

To download the whitepaper, please click on this link: Rubix – Accord India White Paper – Business Leadership Lessons in the New Normal_

This White Paper is based on a conversation of Kaushal Sampat, Senior Executive of Rubix Data Sciences with two of the country’s leading headhunters, Sonal Agrawal and Toral Patel, Managing Partners of Accord India.

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