News from Experian concerning Data Governance:  Does overcoming your data governance challenges sound like mission impossible?  As organizations look to data analytics for business intelligence, we are seeing data governance programs rise to the top of priority lists.

Check out our playbook, “Data governance 101,” for tips and tricks on overcoming your data governance challenges and getting a true understanding of your data.


Data governance is not a standardized solution, but many pieces can be automated, such as extracting metadata, to accelerate both the deployment and on-going operations. With enterprises facing increased global competition, rising client expectations, tightening profit margins and increased regulatory demands, a cloud-based data governance solution can help organizations synthesize and visualize information about data in a manner which is easy to understand.

The right platform can also automate and aggregate data quality metrics to measure and analyze the accuracy, consistency and reliability of data at rest and in-motion. This enables businesses to not only report on data lineage and governance metrics, but to continuously improve them.

The end-result provides a holistic view of data from both a business and technical perspective while also ensuring the appropriate data access controls are in place, making organizations better equipped to govern their data and take control of their business processes while also reducing costs.

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