D&B (NYSE: DNB) introduced a suite of four new products that help businesses reduce risk and find growth opportunities by providing more precision and foresight in segmenting and evaluating their customers.  

The suite of new advanced analytic products includes:

  • D&B’s Viability Rating™ delivers a highly reliable, comprehensive assessment of the probability that a company will no longer be in business within the next 12 months. The rating is based on four key components: Viability Score, Portfolio Comparison, Data Depth Indicator and Company Profile. With D&B Viability Rating, customers get a comprehensive snapshot view of a business in an increasingly complex world.
  • D&B Total Loss Predictor™ identifies companies with a high risk of defaulting on their very first payment to a business. This unique, totally new score is aimed at helping to protect businesses from experiencing a total loss with a new customer.
  • D&B Delinquency Predictor™ is designed specifically for credit managers focused on late payments. This score, an updated version of the D&B Commercial Credit Score (CCS), combines new data sources and advanced analytics to provide, on average, 20% predictive lifts over the current solution. It allows the credit manager to lead credit decisioning with confidence, while identifying opportunities to increase sales.
  • D&B Supplier Evaluation Risk Rating™ is D&B’s enhanced version of the current Supplier Evaluation Risk Rating (SER), fortified with additional supplier data and market-leading predictive analytics. The D&B SER rating provides powerful supplier knowledge by combining key risk indicators into a single rating, enabling businesses to proactively identify troubled suppliers and help prevent costly supply chain disruptions.

“We believe these products have the potential to transform the marketplace,” said Paul Ballew, Chief Data & Analytic Officer, D&B. “Decision-makers simply can’t derive the necessary value from their own data. We’re changing that with precise, perceptive, forward-looking solutions that give businesses the insight they need to uncover tomorrow’s opportunities today.”

D&B’s new Predictive Analytics are now available in many of D&B’s solutions in North America, including DNBi and Supplier Risk Manager, as well as data-as-a-service offerings. To learn more about D&B’s portfolio of Predictive Analytics solutions, please visit www.dnb.com/predictiveanalytics.

Source: D&B Press Release