Experian’s ConsumerView data empowers chief marketing officers to have more relevant interactions across channels

With numerous competing marketing messages reaching consumers, relevancy is a core element to marketing success — and it starts with understanding a brand’s customers. To help address this need, Experian® has announced that its ConsumerView data is now available through LiveRamp®’s IdentityLink™ Data Store. This collaborative effort creates another pathway for brand marketers to access powerful insights into their target audiences, optimize marketing campaigns and have meaningful interactions with people.

Marketers who have access to the IdentityLink Data Store can take advantage of the full scope of Experian’s ConsumerView database and activate the data across LiveRamp’s wide network of distribution partners.

With a focus on helping brands use data and analytics to have more meaningful conversations with people, Experian’s ConsumerView database includes attributes on more than 300 million consumers and 126 million households, including demographic data, purchasing behavior and lifestyle information. Marketers can use the information to build audience segments and optimize marketing campaigns while remaining compliant with privacy standards.

To learn more about Experian’s ConsumerView database, visit http://www.experian.com/marketing-services/targeting/data-driven-marketing/consumer-view-data.html.

Source: Experian Press Release