The EBA has published its tenth report on risks and vulnerabilities of the EU banking sector. The report describes the main developments and trends that have affected the EU banking sector since the end of 2016. From a credit bureau perspective, the report is relevant because it discusses EBA’s ongoing activities to address the issue on NPLs. According to the report:

  • In order to strengthen the data infrastructure with uniform and standardised data for NPLs, the EBA is developing templates on loan tape monitoring. Those templates will rely as much as possible and contain cross-references to the existing reporting framework, including AnaCredit.
  • In order to further contribute to the development of secondary markets, the EBA, in cooperation with other bodies and institutions, is considering the feasibility of, and possible options for, the setting up of NPL transaction platforms and a repository for data collected via the standardised EBA NPL templates.

Source: ACCIS