Pre-Employment Checks Reach Lightning Speed as Experian Adopts Konfir Technology

Digital referencing solution allows organisations to onboard employees quicker and more efficiently

Experian will be able to provide a much faster pre-employment screening service from today, after announcing that they will be partnering with Konfir.

By using Konfir’s technology, Experian can now gain instant access – with a candidate’s consent – to secure, real-time employment data, which will benefit all customers looking to do pre-employment checks on prospective employees.

Streamlining the screening process provides much faster results and allows customers to onboard candidates in a much shorter amount of time. Traditionally, the end to end process can take days or even weeks to complete.

The partnership with Konfir lifts an administrative burden from employees, who may have had to chase organisations for information about their previous employment, and from HR, who would normally need to find and share the relevant employee data. Instead, Konfir data returned is instant, accurate and trusted as the first registered Attribute Service Provider under the UK’s Department of Culture Media and Sport’s Trust Framework.

Experian’s adoption of Konfir is a testament to the growing demand for a more efficient and secure employment screening process. Konfir provides Experian’s customers with a robust solution that will improve the speed and accuracy of background checks while protecting the privacy and security of sensitive information.

Vicky McNab, Product Director, HR Digital Insights, at Experian, said: “Pre-employment screening is crucial for organisations as it provides the confidence that they are onboarding the right person for the job. For that reason, it’s important that as a business we are continually looking for ways to make that process as quick and efficient as possible, providing them with the relevant information to make the best hiring decisions.

“That’s why we are so excited about working with Konfir, as it provides us with new, innovative technology to significantly speed up the time taken to complete an employment check, improving the outcomes for both customer and candidate”

Chris Milligan, CEO at Konfir, said: “We’ve all experienced the challenges of employment verifications in our careers. Konfir is focused on making a better data-driven process available to employees and employers and we’re excited to now offer this at scale via Experian.

“As a world leader in data, Experian recognises the value of this data and will be well placed to take advantage of our capabilities for their customers.”

Experian’s pre-employment screening service is designed to help organisations verify the backgrounds of job candidates. This typically involves gathering information about an individual’s employment, education, and criminal history, as well as conducting credit checks and other types of screening.

This information can then be used by employers to make informed decisions about whether to hire a job candidate.

About Konfir

Konfir securely removes the administrative burden companies face when requesting or completing employment verifications. In a GDPR-compliant way, Konfir streamlines the approval process by providing instant verifications and tools for your team.

The aim is to accelerate all corners of the modern UK economy; for those switching jobs, to those renting a property, or obtaining any type of credit.

Konfir is focused on protecting consumers, by ensuring transparent and secure access to their own income and employment records. Konfir are all about helping UK-based workers get approvals faster while controlling the flow of their data.

Source:  Experian Press Release