Experian Match equips publishers with greater audience reach and richer insights in changing digital advertising world

The publisher of The Independent and Evening Standard has teamed up with Experian to use a new industry-leading solution which will future-proof advertising revenues and increase audience addressability at scale.

The new partnership will see the publisher use Experian Match, a first-to-market privacy-centric solution, which removes the need for registration data or third-party cookies to power targeted digital advertising.  Even with Google recently announcing a delay to its phasing out of third-party cookies, publishers need to act now to ensure they have alternative options and control over their own data without compromising scale – many other internet browsers have already moved to disable their use.

By using first-party cookies or proprietary identifiers, Experian Match, powered by the InfoSum decentralised data collaboration platform, delivers meaningful insights about the likely characteristics of online audiences, regardless of which web browser they use, and without the need for publishers to continually share information about their website visitors with advertisers. Users can easily opt-out of sharing their information at any time.

Colin Grieves, Managing Director of Marketing Services, Experian, said: “The entire industry is experiencing seismic shifts driven by the need of greater transparency, privacy and consumer control over their data.

“Experian Match offers a transparent, privacy centric solution which supports the needs of both advertisers and publishers in an uncertain world.  The industry needs to protect its own data and have control over its future both now and in a post-cookie world. We’re thrilled to be working with such a major news publisher in what will be a successful and fruitful partnership.”

Jo Holdaway, Chief Data & Marketing Officer,  The Independent and Evening Standard, said: “By partnering with Experian Match, The Independent and Evening Standard feel confident in our ability to help safeguard our advertiser revenue and offer our clients a scalable, privacy-centric way to reach their target audiences across our properties, using our own first party data and without relying on third party cookies.”

Richard Foster, CRO at InfoSum, said: “Experian is setting a much-needed standard by offering first-party data solutions that prioritize data security and consumer privacy. Experian Match is a privacy-first solution that ensures consumers retain full control over how their data is collected, while providing media owners with greater addressability.

“We are delighted to work with Experian to provide companies with a solution that helps them deliver relevant messages at scale while protecting consumer privacy.”

Source:  Experian Press Release