Senior executives discuss how Experian is advancing innovation, and meeting the real-time data needs of consumers and businesses

Experian senior executives were joined recently by award-winning digital analyst Brian Solis for an open dialogue about how technology is modernizing the world’s largest information services company. The 30-minute broadcast took place at Experian’s North America headquarters in Costa Mesa, Calif.

Solis, an expert on evolving business models and customer experience, emceed the event. Four Experian executives joined Solis for a conversation on how technology and innovation are creating better experiences for consumers and businesses and how Experian is modernizing the credit industry.

“Technology, innovation and new sources of data have merged to create unprecedented ways for us to solve pressing business and consumer challenges,” said Craig Boundy, chief executive officer, Experian North America. “By putting consumers at the center of what we do, we are innovating to positively impact people and modernize the way companies conduct business. This was a great event for people to learn firsthand from the leaders who are driving these innovations and creating more convenient and safer ways to operate within the data economy.”

Barry Libenson, global chief information officer at Experian, kicked off the event and shared how the company’s IT infrastructure lays the foundation for continuous innovation. The IT infrastructure created by Libenson and his team supports Experian’s ability to modernize and design products that meet consumers’ and businesses’ real-time data needs.

Modernizing the credit industry

One successful example of this is how Experian’s big data platform Ascend allows customers to seamlessly integrate data from Experian with third-party data sources and their own data. This enables sophisticated analysis that once took weeks months to happen in a matter of minutes. During the live event, Alex Lintner, president and head of Experian’s US credit bureau, discussed how Experian leverages advanced technology and ever-growing data streams to create products such as Ascend and Text for Credit, which are disrupting the traditional credit industry.

Eric Haller, executive vice president and global head of Experian DataLabs, leads the development of many of Experian’s products and innovations. He shared how teams of data scientists and applied research practitioners use research and development to help transform the way businesses operate and consumers thrive. To illustrate this, Haller showed viewers how Experian is capitalizing on the popularity of voice and artificial intelligence with a product concept that will allow consumers to use voice devices such as Amazon Echo or Google Home while applying for credit or payment plans from their own home.

The future of identity management

A person’s identity was once built solely on their name, address, date of birth and Social Security number. With the increased threat of cyberattacks, however, comes the need for an industrywide evolution in fraud and identity protection. To round out the event, Steve Platt, president of Decision Analytics and Data Quality for North America, delivered key points from Experian’s Fraud and Identity group and informed viewers about the future of identity protection — which focuses on device intelligence, passive authentication and an improved customer experience.

Source: Experian Press Release