New Integration in Funnel’s Renter Management Software Streamlines Applications and Enables Leasing Teams to Make Informed Screening Decisions

Funnel Leasing, the only renter-centric leasing platform, announced a new partnership with TransUnion (TRU) (NYSE: TRU), a global information and insights company.

The new integration will empower renters with a frictionless application experience and assist operators with making better screening decisions. TransUnion’s rental screening solutions ResidentScore® and ResidentID® products are integrated into the Funnel platform, enabling a suite of reporting functionality and improvements to collected data capabilities. The partnership furthers Funnel’s commitment to building a new renter-centric class of technology — Renter Management Software — which streamlines leasing for renters, leading property owners, and managers.

“We are revolutionizing the entire renter journey in multifamily leasing, and one of the most antiquated steps in that journey is the application and screening process,” said Tyler Christiansen, CEO of Funnel. “Our partnership with TransUnion will help improve the speed and reduce the friction of the screening process. This integration makes finding your next home that much easier while also allowing leasing teams to make more informed and timely decisions.”

“The pandemic has accelerated the move to digital, contactless processes, which impacted most businesses — the multifamily industry is no exception,” said Maitri Johnson, vice president of TransUnion’s tenant and employment screening businesses. “Now, the majority of leasing applications are largely completed, screened, and approved online. Through this partnership, Funnel is streamlining the digital leasing process, providing renters with a better user experience, and making it easier for property managers to efficiently screen and approve applicants. We are thrilled to partner with Funnel and power their screening process.”

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