Who are the winners?  A review of latest quarterly results of key information players:

Those industry players who made bold moves in either restructuring their businesses or made acquisitions are the clear winners. Especially those players who invested in analytic and identity services.

From left to right:  The legacy business of Acxiom was sold in October 2018 and the remaining SaaS business has been renamed LiveRamp (see next page).

FICO is benefiting from a range of new analytics and scoring services.

GBGroup’s growth was buoyed by the acquisition of PCA Predict resulting in a 37% total revenue growth (17% was organic).

Rating Agencies: For the rating agencies the boom in bond issuance has ended with the rise in interest rates and their quarterly double digit growth dropped to 2%.

Moody’s third quarter revenue for rating services was down 7% from the prior-year period. Revenue for Moody’s Analytics for the third quarter was up 18% from the prior-year period largely buoyed by the Bureau Van Dijk acquisition.

S&P Global also reported a decline in global bond issuance.  Ratings revenue declined 5% in the third quarter.  Market Intelligence (analytics) revenue increased by 10%.

TransUnion made 9 acquisitions in the past two years resulting in double digit revenue growth for every quarter in 2018. Noteworthy are the acquisitions of iovation (identity and fraud management) and Callcredit.

Verisk Analytics made 8 acquisitions in the past two years concentrating on data and analytical solutions in niche markets to boost insights of every conceivable risk sector.

Source:  BIIA.com Database