Students will complete their training thanks to the use of tools such as Insight View, aimed at risk and financial analysis, sector analysis, market research and the treatment and use of Big Data.

CEU San Pablo University and Iberinform have signed a collaboration agreement to promote the curricular use of their students. 

The rector of the University, Rosa Visiedo, and the general director of Iberinform, Ignacio Jiménez, have signed this agreement that allows the professors and students of the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences to use an advanced analytical tool for financial analysis and risks, called Insight View; as well as collaborate in workshops, studies, hackathons, etc.

In addition, both institutions may organize mini-courses or training events in the use of the tool, with speakers provided by Iberinform depending on the teaching needs of the University. They will also collaborate for the development of research, studies, reports and scientific articles, as well as to deepen the knowledge and financial analysis of the Spanish company.

Source:  Iberinform Press Release