Experian (11), TransUnion (16), Equifax (17), CRIF (53) and GBGroup (66) are members of BIIA which are among the top 100 FinTech companies on a global level, according to IDC FinTech Rankings 2021.

Experian:  IDC also referred to Experian as a “rising star.”

TransUnion & Equifax Among the IDC FinTech Rankings for several years.

CRIF:  Confirmed Among the IDC FinTech Rankings Top 100 for the Ninth Year Running

GBG:  A new entrant to the 2021 IDC FinTech Rankings.

Now in its 18th edition, IDC FinTech is the annual ranking that includes the main international financial technology providers based on turnover deriving from their financial institution clients and in relation to hardware, software, and services. These companies provide the technological backbone to the financial services sector, a sector where, according to IDC Financial Insights, global IT expenditure will exceed 590 billion dollars by 2025.