inAtlas offers customized online Geomarketing solutions, commercial prospecting and data analysis for the continuous management and monitoring of business success.

INFORMA has announced the acquisition of 50% of the Big Data and analytical localization company inAtlas , a strategic operation with which it reinforces its Marketing Services business line.

This purchase, like the recently made 50% of Dail Software, is part of the company’s Strategic Plan for 2021-2024, one of whose main objectives is to modernize INFORMA’s products and services, using the latest available technologies that allow each Once a greater automation of decisions based on data, with the saving of time and costs that this means for businesses. 

inAtlas is a company specialized in Big Data and analytical localization, which has developed a proprietary geospatial technology (GIS) through which it offers personalized online GeoMarketing solutions, commercial prospecting and data analysis for the management and monitoring at all times of the correct functioning of the processes of attracting, loyalty of clients and territorial expansion of the businesses. With this acquisition, INFORMA becomes the leading company in Geomarketing, both B2C and B2B in Spain and Portugal.

The advantage of its products, both B2B and B2C, is that they adapt to the needs of each company, which makes it possible for any company to use them regardless of their degree of digitization.

Its Geomarketing solution allows access to 4.3 million companies in Spain and Portugal and to continuously updated socio-demographic profiles, providing more information about current customers and making it easier to find new ones.

With its Data Analytics service, it offers companies automated services to normalize and enrich their databases, as well as to immediately detect the best location for business success, through the automated management of more than 500 indicators. 

In the words of Juan Sainz, CEO of Informa D&B: “The investment in InAtlas is an important step in the modernization strategy of our range of products and services, incorporating new information processing and presentation capabilities. With this acquisition we incorporate new proprietary geospatial technology that, combined with our information and Big Data capabilities, will allow us to offer a new dimension of products in the area of marketing services in Spain and Portugal. “

Luis Falcón, CEO of inAtlas, points out that: “ We are very excited about the entry of INFORMA into the capital of inAtlas. After 5 years working together, this alliance will definitely allow us to accelerate our expansion plan (2022-2025), have access to a depth of updated data unique in the geospatial world, and multiply our product portfolio, in order to provide services. to all the economic agents active in the territory, with easy-to-use solutions available to any business scale, from large companies to 92% of the micro-SME fabric ”.

inAtlas was founded by Sílvia Banchini and Luis Falcón in 2010, as a new line of business for the consulting company Intelligent Coast, which advised Public Administrations and companies on market studies and business revitalization in urban-tourist areas, after detect the need for online massive data analysis with its geographic dimension to improve business decision making. In 2012 it received a Neotec – CDTI, as an innovative company, in 2014 the first solutions came onto the market and since 2016 it has been an INFORMA partner.

Source:  Informa Press Release