The initiative promoted by the Spanish Data Protection Agency favors digital development that respects privacy and people’s rights.

INFORMA has joined the Digital Pact for the Protection of People promoted by the Spanish Agency for Data Protection (AEPD) to guarantee a good digital use of people’s data that allows for responsible progress in innovation, respecting privacy and the rights of clients, users and your own team.

Some 100 entities have already joined this Pact. Mar España, director of the AEPD, highlights the commitment acquired by them in the dissemination among their employees of the initiatives that the AEPD promotes in the field of CSR.

In the words of Juan Mª Sainz, CEO of INFORMA: “adhering to the Digital Pact for the Protection of People of the AEPD is a natural step for INFORMA, due to our strong commitment to data security and our vocation as a customer centric company, since for us people are the most important thing ”.

By adhering to the Digital Pact, the entities undertake to implement the principles and recommendations that it contains and to disseminate it among their employees and users of the Priority Channel to request the urgent elimination of sexual and violent content on the internet, as well as other resources and tools to raise awareness about the value of privacy and the importance of the processing of personal data.

These principles include promoting transparency so that citizens know what data is being collected and what its use will be, promoting gender equality and the protection of children and people in vulnerable situations, or ensuring that technologies avoid perpetuating biases. or increase existing inequalities, among others.

Source:  Informa D&B Press Release