Thanks to this agreement, it will be possible to improve some processes by up to 70 times, thus responding more quickly to the needs of its customers.

INFORMA has signed a strategic agreement to use LeanXcale technology for the next five years, which will make it possible to increase the speed to process more data in less time, accelerating the times of some processes by up to 70 times. This will allow you to have up-to-date information at all times and to be able to design new, more advanced services.

LeanXcale is the Spanish start-up manufacturer of the database engine that makes this jump in speed possible. The database of this company allows a quick capture and efficient processing of information for any volume of queries and data. These capacities will mean significant savings, both in licensing and in the use of infrastructure, as well as an improvement in the performance of the equipment.

According to Carlos Fernández, CTO of Informa D&B, “thanks to LeanXcale’s capabilities to process more information more frequently, we will be able to develop a platform on which to implement the differential services that will make us continue to be leaders for the next decade.”

In the opinion of Ricardo Jiménez-Peris, CEO of LeanXcale, “our product offers a great competitive advantage since it allows some processes that previously required more time to be carried out in real time. This is essential to create information services that feed data-driven companies. Our objective is to demonstrate that in Spain it is possible to carry out disruptive technological innovation and develop a global company ”, Jiménez-Peris concludes.

INFORMA has investment in technology and R & D & i and its commitment to quality as one of its main values, aware of the importance of always being at the forefront in order to offer the best services and products and continue to lead the market.

Source:  Informa Press Release