The new CRIF platform enables new Open Banking collaborative models to increase cross-selling and upselling.

Driven by digital transformation and regulatory changes relating to PSD2, the new Open Banking model is helping to rewrite the traditional rules, and not just in the credit industry. The competitive arena has been opened up to new players, and a new interconnection between the financial activities and day-to-day lives of customers is evolving.

The opportunities for growth provided by Open Banking are significant for all service providers, such as banks, insurance companies, and public services, whose role is adapting to this new scenario: some are becoming specialists with quality services and competitive prices, while others are expanding their product range, becoming intermediaries for a wide range of products and services, in this way monetizing their existing customer base. By offering a wider range of products, they can exploit the potential for cross-selling and upselling, while at the same time improving customer satisfaction and loyalty, since each new offer creates a further connection with the customer.

To help companies from a variety of sectors create value for their customers through an ecosystem, CRIF has developed INSP, the Intelligent Network Services Platform.

The platform has an advanced triggering engine which, through marketing analytics models developed using big data and machine learning techniques, enable value extraction and the acquisition of insights in order to develop innovative customer journeys and a single touchpoint for practical actions.  This Platform as a Service (PaaS) connects partners and their offers, as well as recognizing cross-selling events, and managing data exchange between the partners themselves, all in compliance with the most stringent technology, security and data protection standards. This represents a shift from a static collaborative approach to a dynamic one, where customer development campaigns can be activated in real time based on events/triggers, and not just based on information coming from CRM or prospect lists, thus ensuring greater redemption rates and lower costs.

At its heart is the ability to activate an “innovative match” between the needs of the end customer and the most appropriate commercial offer of the ecosystem partners. This is done through identification of the end customer’s requirements when they arise, and proposal of the partners’ most appropriate commercial offers, at the best price.

“We are very pleased to have implemented this platform, which represents the first stage of a path to offer our clients increasingly innovative services”, commented Enrico Lodi, CRIF Managing Director. “For partners that sign up to the ecosystem, this first step brings tangible benefits that mean not onlythe development and strengthening of customer relations (upselling/cross-selling, redemption), but also generate new revenue streams, reduce prospecting costs, and increase in customer loyalty”.

The new ecosystem can easily be built up from a comprehensive library of value-added services which, being modular in nature, allows partners to freely construct their offer. In this context, it is fundamental to create and enable an ecosystem with partner companies able to “boost” the relationship and improve the end-customer experience (consumers and companies), as well as that of the ecosystem partners themselves. All this enables a personalized dialog to be established based on targeted offers and suggestions when the need truly arises, enabling the creation of more solid and lasting relationships with customers and increasing their trust, seizing the opportunities generated by the changes currently taking place.

Source: CRIF Press Release