KSV1870 has hired Mag. Karl-Heinz Götze, MBA to head it bankruptcy management business effective June 01, 2020.

“We are very fortunate to have won Karl-Heinz Götze, a proven manager for the so important position of insolvency management. He has the necessary experience to lead the bankruptcy department of KSV1870 into a future shaped by innovation and digitalization,”said Mag. Ricardo-José Vybiral.

Götze will be responsible for the management of the bankruptcy area and the management of around 100 employees in all seven locations of KSV1870 throughout Austria. These include the bankruptcy officers, who will continue to be personally available to the media for questions regarding the bankruptcy cases assigned to them. Thanks to his broad experience in operational management – in the areas of finance, reorganization, M&A advice, business consulting as well as sales and marketing – Götze brings a comprehensive view of the entire insolvency system. It also accompanies him throughout his professional career – here he should also mention his accumulated knowledge about how banks view insolvency.

Karl-Heinz Götze was born in Dornbirn in 1968. He studied business administration and law at the Karl Franzens University in Graz and at the Juridicum in Vienna. He also completed an MBA in the United States. He started his professional career in management consulting at Deloitte and in corporate finance. The topic of bankruptcy accompanies him continuously in all his professional positions. Due to various previous activities as a “reorganizer” and “restructuring”, he knows the practice of insolvency very well. He is an expert in operational management in the areas of finance, restructuring, M&A advice and business consulting. His entrepreneurial thinking, his understanding of contemporary change management and his pronounced leadership skills round off his skills.

Source:  KSV1870 Press Release